U1 Adaptor: A Potent New Therapeutic Platform
The most important step forward in therapeutic gene silencing technology in more than a decade. 

  • Invented at Rutgers University, exclusively licensed to Silagene
  • Unique Mode of Action: inhibition of mRNA maturation (polyA addition)
  • Initial product development focused on cancer, but wide applicability
  • Broad patent claims granted by USPTO and EPO
In-vivo Proof-Of-Concept demonstrated in pre-clinical studies:
  • Unprecedented high potency (as low as 0.034mg/kg)
  • No overt toxicity or immunogenicity
  • Mechanism of action verified
  • broad and deep study comprised of >900 mice in 110 treatment groups
  • Novel delivery system developed and validated

Preclinical: Example of Efficacy (i.v.)


in vitro (cell culture)

in vivo (pre-clinical)